New Games and Sports

Here are a selection of new games and sports as mentioned in the Sportonova book

50 Stones

A strategic game where fifty stones have to be transferred from a teams camp to their opponents base going across a river obstacle.


A sport where players score points for throwing an object (e.g. darts, discus, javelin) that lands on old tree stumps.


A brand new exciting fast flowing sport between two teams, divided by a net on a tennis size court, who are constantly making quick decisions as they attempt to get a small ball into one of the goal scoring regions provided by the iconic rugby H frame that is in the middle of two goalposts


A spectacular battle, played on a football pitch, between two teams who are trying to score the most goals using their feet or hands whilst avoiding being pelted by opponents throwing small soft round objects.

Team Relay

A race around an athletic track, after each lap the leading runner of the team has to drop out handing the baton over to a teammate.


Travelling efficiently between venues, buying and selling items, the object of this game is to get the most gold coins.


A brand new fast paced tactical game that combines elements of chess using the stone/twig/leaf capture mechanism with the aim of getting a piece to the other end of the board.

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