Questions and Answers

1. What inspired you to write the book?

My inspiration came from reading bedtime stories to my two sons, Thomas and Joshua, combined with my love of watching a variety of sports.

2. What was the first sport or game you wrote about in the book?

The first game was one that I created called Twigged! which came about when I was moving some pieces on a chessboard and wanted a three way capture mechanism like the one used in the rock/scissors/paper game.

3. Did you play any Twigged! games which were then used in the Sportonova book?

I played quite a few as several characters were involved in a Twigged! match. Lots of the initial moves were inspired by well know chess openings.

4. How did you come up with the characters names?

There was a variety of methods for how the names were conjured up! For instance Whiffa was chosen because the character had a strong smell whilst Melru was selected as it was an anagram of lemur. I also thought it would be a good idea for all the players in a team to have the same last letter, so for instance Melru plays in the Kragu team along with Rillu and Zoomu,

5. Will there be further books in the Sportonova series?

Yes!! The next book is schedule to be out for Christmas 2018.

6. When will the Sportonova movie be out?

There are no immediate plans although it would be great to get Sportonova on the silver screen!!

7. Would you like to see some of the games you invented become reality?

It would be brilliant to get some of these sports off the ground. If anyone is interested in helping me with this then please get in touch via email

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